Counseling Center

The mission of the Lincoln Charter School Counseling program, K-12, is to support our students, staff, parents and community in preparing all Lincoln Charter students to be college ready individuals by providing a safe, caring, learning environment in which to develop their cognitive, and social-emotional development.

The vision of the Lincoln Charter School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. In partnership with all stakeholders, Lincoln Charter School Counselors facilitate and coordinate a multi-tiered support system that is consistent with the NC Core Curriculum Standards and the national standards of the American School Counselors Association. We use many modalities including one-on-one interactions, small group activities, large group discussions, in-class lessons and consultations with teachers, families and community members. We aspire for the Lincoln Charter School community to be fully engaged in the comprehensive school counseling program, to ensure that all students are prepared and have the knowledge and skills necessary to be respected community members and leaders who are college ready and lifelong learners.

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Counseling Blogs:
Academic Counseling

School Counseling- Updated 5/7- Test Anxiety


Denver Counselors:

Barb Woods: 9-12 Academic Counselor

Shavon Robinson: 9-12 Academic Counselor

Amanda Antczak: K-6 School Counselor

Lisa Donnellan: 7-12 School Counselor

Phone: (704) 489-4343 (K-6)
(704) 483-6611 (7-12)

Lincolnton Counselors:

Nicola Withers: 9-12 Academic Counselor

Sydney Moxham: K-6 School Counselor

Paris Wicklin: 7-12 School Counselor

Phone: (704) 736-4549 (K-5)
(704) 736-9888 (6-12)

We have indicated specialties for our counselors to help students better understand our roles. Our school counselors are master level professionals, and all are trained to assist students and families in a variety of situations.  School counselors assist students primarily with social/emotional needs. Our academic counselors are master level professionals, specializing in high school curriculum, ACT and SATs,  and the college planning process.