School Board

The Lincoln Charter School Board is a diverse group of individuals that makes decisions regarding the structure and function of the school. School Board meetings are typically on the fourth Monday evening of each month, locations rotate between campuses. This is the 2019-2020 School Board meeting calendar.  Please contact any School Board member for more information or e-mail the Board at

Board Members

  • Rob Brown


  • Jonathan Austin


  • Vanessa Brown


  • Cara Dowling


  • Trent Jones


  • Steve Lockey


  • Peter Lohri

    Vice President

  • Greg Taylor


  • Chris Wrenn



Please check here for updated School Board minutes and other public documents.

August 2019 Board Packet
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Please click the links below to view various School Board policies and documents.  Please note that Board policies are continuously under review and updated – revised versions will be posted as they are approved.

B-1 Powers/Responsibilities B-2 Board Authority B-3 Board Qualifications B-4 Removal from Office B-5 Vacancies
B-6 Board Elections B-8 Organization B-9 Tobacco Free B-10 Vendors B-11 Rules
B-12 Voting Method B-13 Public Input B-14 Policy Repeal
C-1 CA Goals C-2 Chief Admin C-4 CA Qualifications

Parent and Family Engagement 
Board Conflict of Interest
Lottery Policy
Section 504 Policy
All other policies are currently under review by the School Board.  For questions about specific policies, please contact