Denver Campus

Lincolnton Campus

Denver High School Clubs

Anime Club

Student Leader: Rachel Liska

Faculty Sponsor: Ray Hutchinson

Description of Club:  Anime club focuses on animation and Asian culture. Anime itself is a combination of a unique art style and the animation of said art.

Mission:  Anime club promotes the learning of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other cultures as well as the style of art that is used to create anime.

Beta Club*

Please e-mail for more information.

Bible Club

Student Leader: Alexis Cespedes

Faculty Sponsor: Donna Workman

Description of Club:  Our purpose is to spread the word about Christ and to learn more about God.

Mission: We will benefit having this club at Lincoln Charter by being able to reach to other students about the word.

Cube Club

Student Leader: Nic Marcoccia

Faculty Sponsor: Paul Thomas

Description of Club:  Solving Rubik cubes

Mission:  Communication and Collaboration

Dance Club*

Student Leader: Jevannie Dixon

Faculty Sponsor: Kristi Johnsen

Description of Club:  Functions as a dance team, will have regular practices, and perform at basketball games.

Mission:  Freedom of Expression

Eagle Eye (Student Newspaper)

Student Leader: Lexi Torrence

Faculty Sponsor: Dane Perry

Description of Club:  School newspaper that informs the high school body on current events inside and outside of the school community.

Mission:  Literacy

Environmental Club

Student Leader: Jack Pendergast

Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Haag

Description of Club:  A club that brings awareness to environmental issues that we can change

Mission:  We promote sustainability, wildlife conservation, and recycling practices.


Student Leader: Alejandra Cespedes

Faculty Sponsor: Brad Gabriel

Description of Club:  Fellowship of christian athletes will focus on christ centered athletes who are leaders in spreading the word in a positive environment.

Mission:  Leadership

Global Ambassadors*

Please e-mail for more information.


Student Leader: Rachel Post

Faculty Sponsor: Dane Perry

Description of Club:  Interact is a Rotary-sponsored youth service club that gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills.

Mission:  Breast Cancer, World Hunger, Polio, and probably more throughout the year!

Leadership Institute*

Student Leader: Gabby Powers

Faculty Sponsor: Melissa Lasarsky

Description of Club:  A student-led youth initiative focused on service initiatives.

Mission:  The mission of Leadership Institute is to support the development of youth voice at Lincoln Charter and in the community through service-learning.

Mentor Club*

Outdoor Club

Student Leader: Jack Pendergast

Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan Bealer

Description of Club:  Encourages students of LCS to experience the outdoors and learn to truly love nature.

Mission:  Leave No Trace

Photography Club

Student Leader: Savannah Ashby

Faculty Sponsor: Taylor Helms

Description of Club:  For anyone who has any sort of camera and wants to learn more about photography. We will also be supplying photos for the yearbook.

Mission:  In addition to working with students on growing their love of photography, we will also donate some of our time to taking high-quality photos of the animals at a local shelter to help them get adopted.

Political Forum

Student Leader: Julien Lewis

Faculty Sponsor: Rachel Drake

Description of Club: Main goal is to spread awareness of the importance of being involved in politics to students/participants.  We will demonstrate how important it is to vote when you are 18 and to  stay involved even after elections.  Show that there are different viewpoint on key topics and which parties are affiliated with them.  Help students realize that there are different perspectives on issues.  

Mission: To support the political process by developing engaged citizens.  

Powerlifting Club

Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Thompson

Description of Club:  An opportunity for high school students to learn about the sport of powerlifting. Students will learn how to powerlift safely in order to achieve maximum strength. Clubbers will also learn how to train for a powerlifting competition and have the opportunity to compete in three different competitions spread throughout the school year.

Project Unify

Student Leader: Chapel Fowler

Faculty Sponsor: Lori Fortkort

Description of Club:  Activities ranging from sports to parties to dances that provide social, athletic, and fun opportunities for intellectually disabled people in Lincoln County.

Mission:  Raise awareness for how you can help volunteer for and help Project Unify and the great people it serves.

Republican Club

Student Leader: Caleb Gass

Faculty Sponsor: Donna Workman

Description of Club:  The mission of the club is to gain first-hand knowledge of the political process, develop leadership skills, and perform community service acts.

Mission:  The Republican Party

Safe Space

Student Leader: Presleigh Sintoni

Faculty Sponsor: Raymond Hutchinson

Description of Club:  A safe space to those who are bullied or need someone there for them. In the club we would promote self love and less hate. The club will help teenagers deal with the many obstacles they face and will face throughout their lives.

Mission:  Anti-Bully, Self Love

Student-Athlete Advisory Council

Student Leader: Madi NeeSmith

Faculty Sponsor: Daniel Schmitz

Description of Club:  Create a voice for students that participate in LCS athletics as team members, fans, and supporters.

Mission:  Leadership, Character, Sportsmanship

Writing Club

Student Leader: Alexa Fox

Faculty Sponsor: Taylor Helms

Description of Club:  A club for all types of writing (poetry, novels, short stories, etc.) Talks about famous authors, poets, & appreciates good work. A good space for your own writing time. Will be tutoring kids and donating books.

Mission:  Books For Kids, also we will be looking for local churches, etc. for tutoring programs for children.

all clubs are locally-organized, student-driven organizations
*denotes that a membership qualification process is necessary