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College Prep Activities

Dream Big

An opportunity for sophomore students to visit a highly selective university and Dream Big! (application process)


Freshman Experience

An adventure in team building and a college visit


Sophomore Something

A continuation of team building and goal setting for higher education - traditionally Appalachian State University


Junior Junction

Two-day event

Fall - A college visit to a large public university - traditionally North Carolina State University

Spring - A day focused on the college application process 


College Week

October 21st - 25th

North Carolina’s annual campaign to support college access is the month of October. Activities during the month support high school seniors in completing three important college enrollment steps: residency, FAFSA, and applications. College Application Week will take place October 21st – 25th. All grade levels at Lincoln Charter participate in College Week.  


K-12 College Spirit Week 

Students and staff are encouraged to participate in College Spirit Week

Monday - Dream Big - Wear your pajamas to school

Tuesday - Future Career - Dress for the career you desire

Wednesday - Friday - Represent your favorite College/University


College Application Day

Wednesday, October 23rd - All seniors will have the opportunity to spend the day working on college applications with support from the academic counselors.  It’s an exciting day full of encouragement and support!