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Enrollment FAQ

Waiting lists occur primarily because charter schools are market driven. As a school of choice, parents decide if they want their children to attend the charter school. A successful school will have greater demand.
For the Denver campuses, please contact registrar@lincolncharter.org.
The open application period at LCS will commence on the first Monday of September each year and conclude the week preceding the first Saturday in March. The public lottery will be held on the first Saturday in March.
In the following sequence a lottery will be held for full-time staff members’ children, transfer students, and siblings of currently enrolled students. It will be held at each grade level to establish the acceptance list or wait list, depending on space availability if more applicants exist than seats available. After the completion of this process, one combined K-12 lottery (D, D-L, L-D and L) will be held for all other applicants. At the conclusion of the lottery, the admissions list and wait list will be compiled according to grade level and campus preference.
The lottery process is in the following order:  a student of a LCS full time staff member, a student transfer request from one campus to another, (the student must successfully complete one academic year at LCS before a student is eligible to transfer), siblings of a current enrolled student; this may include step-siblings, adoption foster-care situations, they must live in the same home, as per school and/or state policy, all students not included in previous 3 categories.
One surname will be entered into the lottery for all families (step, half and foster children). Once the surname is selected, all students attached to that one family structure will be accepted if space is available at that particular grade level or placed in sequential order for the next available seat on the waitlist.
If multiple birth siblings apply for admission, and a lottery is needed, one surname will be entered into the lottery to represent all of the multiple birth siblings. If that surname of the multiple birth siblings is selected, then all of the multiple birth siblings shall be admitted.
Siblings of LCS students who have graduated will be entitled to sibling priority if the sibling was enrolled at least seven consecutive academic years at LCS.
A LCS student who was enrolled within the last two academic years, but left due to an academic study abroad program, competitive admissions residential program or temporary family military assignment will receive enrollment preference.
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