Lincoln Charter School believes in encouraging students to be civically minded and engaged in the community.  The Learn.Serve.Engage program mandates the completion of service hours each academic year.  Hours can be earned in the community and school.  They may be volunteer service or service-learning hours.

LCS Service Hour Expectations

LSE Hour Requirement Adjustments

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made an adjustment to the required hour threshold for LSE hours.  While some students have found new opportunities for serving the community, we realize that other opportunities have been negatively impacted.  We encourage you to find ways to spread love and kindness by making a positive impact in your community.  


Please remember to use your school-issued email address for your x2Vol account.  Do not set up a new account.  All LCS students have an account within the x2Vol platform.  

Hours can not be approved until the contact/verifier listed in the activity has verified the service hours.  An accurate email must be listed for the contact/verifier.  A parent/guardian can verify the hours.  

Grade Level

LSE Requirement

Adjusted for 2019-2020

80% of the original requirement

Adjusted for 2020-2021

50% of the original requirement for grades K-5

25% of the original requirement for MS and HS

K - 5th Grade

5 Hours of Service

4 Hours of Service

2.5 Hours of Service

6th Grade

10 Hours of Service

8 Hours of Service

2.5 Hours of Service

7th Grade

12 Hours of Service

9.5 Hours of Service

3 Hours of Service

8th Grade

15 Hours of Service

12 Hours of Service

3.75 Hours of Service

9th Grade

20 Hours of Service

16 Hours of Service

5 Hours of Service

10th Grade

30 Hours of Service

24 Hours of Service

7.5 Hours of Service

11th Grade

40 Hours of Service

32 Hours of Service

10 Hours of Service

12th Grade

50 Hours of Service

40 Hours of Service

12.5 Hours of Service


In General  

  • Students cannot receive payment of any kind for their volunteer service.

  • Volunteer service cannot be court ordered.

  • Service hours are limited to 10 hours on any given day, which may include reasonable travel outside the Lincoln County area.  

  • Services extended to immediate family members do not count.

Steps for Logging Your LSE Service Hours

LSE Log Site –

It is with great excitement that we announce the new LSE Volunteer Website to keep track of ALL Student volunteer hours. x2Vol brings new features such as more flexibility in account management, input itemized volunteer hours, view LCS service hour goals and hours accumulated, access many LCS community volunteer opportunities and so much more!

x2Vol is for LCS Students grades 3-12 only due to accounts being associated with student email addresses.  Students in grades Kg. – 2nd Grade are encouraged use a paper log until they enter 3rd grade.

Please read the instructions below to complete your student account registration.

Steps to complete your student volunteer tracking account:

  1. Go to and click JOIN.
  2. Type in your School Name or zip code and click Search.
  3. Type in your Last Name and Student ID
  4. Enter the remaining profile fields and click proceed.
  5. Set your interests and skills and click proceed.
  6. Set a password, select your group and check the required boxes to complete your registration.
  7. Login and view your Dashboard.

DO NOT create a new account. All student accounts are created internally and are tied to your group goals.  Accounts for new students and rising 3rd grade students will be active mid-August.

Student accounts will remain active until a student graduates from LCS.  The account will remain active until July 15 of the graduation year. Graduates are responsible for downloading or printing their own service transcript for future use.   

Here is a video on how to register to as a student.

*Note: All past volunteer hours have been transferred from the Presidential Website to the new x2Vol website as of 11/30/2017. Any hours accumulated or entered into the old tracking system will need to be manually entered by the student in the new system. See FAQ to help with this transition.



Q: Will my old account in the Presidential website be deleted?

A: No, your account will not be deleted however, it will not be used any longer by LCS for tracking volunteer hours.


Q: What if I do not know my Student ID?

A: You can fill out the “Request LCS x2Vol Help Form” to request your student id.

Q: Who do I contact at LCS if I need other assistance with x2Vol website?

A:  Please fill out the “Request LCS x2Vol Help Form” to request and an LCS Staff member will be in contact shortly.

In addition to the LSE program, Lincoln Charter is pleased to be a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). The PVSA is an award which recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding volunteer service and civic participation over the course of a 12-month period. Lincoln Charter’s service year runs June 1 through May 31st . Community outreach and improvement is the underlying intent of this award. A wide variety of volunteer service hours qualify, from environmental stewardship and education to disaster recovery, senior services, and sports & recreation. All activities must be unpaid and for the larger community.


Award Levels

Hours by Award




Kids (5-10)

26 – 49 hours

50 – 74 hours

75 + hours

Teens (11-15)

50 – 74 hours

75 – 99 hours

100 + hours

Young Adults (16-25)

100 – 174 hours

175 – 249 hours

250 + hours


(26 and older)

100 – 249 hours

250 – 499 hours

500 + hours

Families and Groups

200 – 499 hours

500 – 999 hours

1000 + hours

Award period: June 1 – May 31 of each year

*It is each individual’s responsibility to keep age category up to date.  Age range is determined by age at time of award date.

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