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Lincoln Charter School believes in encouraging students to be civically minded and engaged in the community.  The Learn.Serve.Engage program mandates the completion of service hours each academic year (June 1 - May 31).  Hours can be earned in the community and school.  They may be volunteer service or service-learning hours. 


LSE Log Site -

Students in grades 3-12 are to use x2Vol to log their LSE hours.  Accounts for students are pre-registered with student’s school-issued email addresses.  NEW ACCOUNTS are NOT to be created by students or families.  Students in 3rd grade and students that are new to LCS will have registered accounts available for claim by mid-September.  Instructions for claiming pre-registered accounts can be found here.  


x2Vol is for LCS Students grades 3-12 only due to accounts being associated with student email addresses.  Students in grades Kg. - 2nd Grade students are encouraged to use a paper log until they enter 3rd grade. 


Verification of hours

When documenting service hours, students are to list an email address for the supervisor of the service opportunity. Do not list a phone number, as the activity can not be verified this way.  The person listed will receive an email and will be able to confirm the volunteer time.  Students can not verify their own hours.  A parent/guardian can serve as the verifier. Hours are not approved until the supervisor has verified the hours. Using the community expectation of honesty, log the time you feel was used to make a positive impact. 

Need assistance with x2Vol - Request LCS x2Vol Help Form


What Counts as Service
For hours to count as service, they must be completed through a non-profit (501c3), government agency, or school. Hours for faith-based organizations can be approved as well. Senior/retirement centers, both profit and non-profit, are allowed. 




LCS Service Hour Expectations

LSE Hour Requirement Adjustments

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made an adjustment to the required hour threshold for LSE hours.  While some students have found new opportunities for serving the community, we realize that other opportunities have been negatively impacted.  We encourage you to find ways to spread love and kindness by making a positive impact in your community.  Click here to view adjustments.


Please remember that x2Vol accounts are required to use your school-issued email address.  Do not set up a new account - click join, my school has instructed me to register.  All LCS students in grades 3-12 have an account within the x2Vol platform.  (rising 3rd grade and new LCS 4-12  accounts are set up by Sept. 10)


For instructions on how to claim your account in x2VOl and other helpful tips, click here.


Hours can not be approved until the contact/verifier listed in the activity has verified the service hours.  An accurate email must be listed for the contact/verifier.  A parent/guardian can verify the hours.  




Golden Eagle

Beginning with the Class of 2018, Lincoln Charter offers high school students an opportunity to earn a Golden Eagle Diploma.  The Golden Eagle represents the highest honor for students that participated in the full Lincoln Charter Experience.  Beginning with a high school student’s Freshman year, students will be given the opportunity to earn credit towards the award.  Students that begin after their Freshman year will be able to participate on a prorated schedule.  

Class of 2027

Class of 2026

Class of 2025

Class of 2024


Updates to the Golden Eagle Program Requirements can be found here


Golden Eagle Requirements