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Lincoln Charter School utilizes multiple layers of assessment to ensure all students are making adequate academic progress. Classroom teachers administer teacher developed formative and summative assessments to guide daily and weekly instruction. The district also employs the assistance of nationally-normed universal screeners in math and English Language Arts administered at the beginning, middle and end of the year. These assessments are listed on the annual testing calendar. Additionally, Lincoln Charter School progress monitors students’ academic development on specific state standards by using North Carolina Check-Ins, administered in classrooms during the typical school day. An extensive reading assessment is administered to students in grades kindergarten through third grade three times a year to assist parents and teachers to identify specific strengths in the various developmental reading skills. These exam windows are listed on the annual testing calendar. Finally, as required by state and federal law, LCS administers the End of Grade assessments in math and English Language arts in grades three through eight, as well as science in grades five and eight. End of Course assessments are administered at the completion of Math I, Math III, English II, and Biology, which account for 20% of a student’s final course grade. In high school, additional assessments aligned with college preparation are administered. Some of these are optional, others are required, yet many are specifically associated with course selection such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Many of these high school exams assist in the prediction of college readiness, contribute to college acceptances, or allow for a student to earn college credit based on the success rate of these exams. 

Please contact Testing Coordinator, Christy Hutchinson with any questions