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Mission, Vision, About


The mission of Lincoln Charter School is to facilitate the development of college-ready individuals through emphasis on rigorous academics and our community expectations: honesty, respect, empathy, responsibility, service and preparedness.



Lincoln Charter is the premier college prep community for highly-engaged educators and learners, focused on expanding pathways and producing well-rounded, service-oriented, and empathetic leaders. 



Lincoln Charter School obtained its charter in 1998 and has two campus locations in Lincoln County. The Denver and Lincolnton campuses both consist of K-12 programs.

Priorities include:

  • High expectations for conduct and academics utilizing the North Carolina College-Prep standards
  • Certified and well-trained teachers
  • A parent-elected school board consisting of business and community leaders
  • An active high school and middle school sports program
  • After school activities
  • Expected annual logging of volunteer hours - for all students
  • Required volunteer hours for parents - ensuring parental involvement
  • Dual college enrollment, earning college/high school credit simultaneously
  • Online distance learning